Who We Are?

Teknomatics was conceptualized when a bunch of math nerds met some engineers and business pros. As a result, we consider ourselves a “hybrid” team, where our different backgrounds lend value to our work. Our style of working and corporate ethic resonates with our contrasting personalities. Professionally we are a group of individuals with different backgrounds whose experience cuts across industries. Our 9+ years of work in the technology domain has enabled us to help clients ranging from start ups to enterprises and governments to non-profits. Personally, we are dedicated, passionate about what we do and have eclectic hobbies and interests outside work. We definitely believe in keeping things interesting…

Vision & Mission

We aspire to be your digital partner and take on your businesses challenges as if they were our own. We believe that quality counts and are committed to working with you to help you transform any idea into a solution to make your enterprise future ready.

Why Choose Us?

“Adopting digital is the way to go” We’re sure you’ve heard everyone say that, and probably believe that too. But with all the options out there, you may not know what it is that your company needs at the given time. That’s where we come in. Some of us are tech geeks while others are business-driven, but what our team has in common is that we believe in working together with you to understand where you are, what makes you tick, and where you want to be. Our core value can be summed up as, “The customer is king, but collaboration is key”. We believe in working together to find solutions that will make your company stand apart from the other players in your industry. And we like to make sure that you, and us have a great time doing it!