Web Development

Our team believes in creating websites that are tailored for the modern user. With a diverse range of qualifications in .Net, Java, PHP as well as open source CMS platforms like Drupal, our engineering ninjas are equipped to support your development needs. When it comes to the customer, we know that they are king, but experience has taught us that customization and ease of use are the keys to the castle.

To leverage a larger pool or resources we also work on progressive web applications that are becoming increasingly user-centric. Combining our knowledge of front-end and back-end web development with a rigorous approach to quality and user experience, our capabilities aren’t limited to what exists now. We are constantly evolving to incorporate new technologies and trends into our work to take our customers into the future.

Our Web Practices

Cutting Edge Web Technologies

Mobile Application Development

Today’s customers and end users possess rapidly evolving preferences and demands that fluctuate. Recognizing this trend, our mobile application development services are highly scalable and flexible. Our experts don’t just have sound technological expertise, they are also aware of the dynamics that drive business growth. Whether it means developing a native or hybrid application from scratch, or upgrading and customizing an existing app, we strive to give you features and functionalities that your customers can navigate through seamlessly.

In a world where anytime, anywhere usability is the order of the day, our developers have created applications that are visually appealing, engaging and that encourage high-level interactions between you and smart users via a few simple swipes and clicks…

Mobile Practices

Mobility Platform

Digital Marketing

The challenge of how to engage customers across different modes of technology, and keep them alert and intrigued is one that digital marketers grapple with today. At Technomatics we view our customers and their customers not as cookies on a page, but a potential link between the target market and ourselves.

Whether its compelling content that you’re looking for, or if you are still in the nascent stages of understanding your potential customer’s user journey, we customize and package your end user’s experience using a combination of strategies like pay-per-click, SEO and re-marketing to ensure that you and your customer interact at every crucial micro-moment along their buying journey. Our digital visionaries help you align your marketing and operations management so that the two functions are integrated for ease-of-use.

Digital Marketing Assortments

Process Automation and Consulting

As engineers with a business bent of mind, process automation and product engineering is in our genes. The use of highly customizable platforms using best-in-class technology helps organizations mitigate human effort and enhance efficiency. Whether you are looking for a CRM to manage your marketing or sales functions, or want to give your growing organization a boost by implementing an ERP framework to track and regulate your business processes, we at TM believe that a business cycle of tomorrow cannot thrive without technology.

Our ability to build a product from start-to-finish coupled with our expertise in software integration lends us the flexibility to analyze your organization’s goals and requirements, and then use a dynamic combination of tools to create a solution that is tailored to these needs.

Business Automation Assortments

Process Platform


DevOps has been the talk of the town since 2009 but not many businesses have been able to inculcate this practice into their expertise. DevOps ensures a high quality of delivery without hampering the existing operations. DevOps literally means ‘Development with Operations’. Today’s erratic business environment makes it imperative to have faster go to market without compromising on the quality of delivery. DevOps reduces lead time and ensures a faster time-to-market. It is a practice that has evolved from ‘Agile Methodology’ coupled with ‘Continuous Delivery’ where the need was to reduce strain on release management and prevent the hinderance of the ongoing operations.

DevOps is an approach to work that helps organisations to overcome adoption challenges by business users. We at Teknomics are constantly enhancing the improvement of our delivery and hence it became a necessity to adopt DevOps practices. We usually recommend that business with large projects and frequent deliveries adopt DevOps.


Connectivity, smart devices and the applications that bring them together are the formula for success driving one of the hottest technology trends till date- the Internet of Things. Our services in this field include end-to-end solutions that integrate hardware with software and cut across industries such as healthcare, insurance, hospitality, utilities and many more. From wearable devices to predict health insurance needs to smart meters to mitigate energy wastage at home, our custom solutions track, analyze, alert and report data in real-time as needed.

UX Design

At Technomatics we strongly believe that design thinking is a key differentiator that sets businesses apart from their competitors. Our team of UX designers doesn’t just create a design, it curates an entire digital experience based on your customer’s journey from start to finish with emphasis on the various personas that will interact with your website or application. We strategically envision the multiple channels through which they will engage, their time constraints, preferred means of interaction and so on. By employing this diligent research methodology to get to know your existing and potential customers better, we enable you to build your brand around an experience that delights end users.

Telecom Solutions

With our expertise and domain experience in Telecom VAS, Teknomatics delivers custom products for enterprises and telcos over IVR Platform, SMS Gateway & USSD Gateway. We have a track record in delivering high-end IVR services and helping telcos provide products and services to its customer base, thereby increasing their ARUP.

For enterprises, our platforms are designed to enhance efficiency and stay ahead of the competition. Growth in the number of smartphone users, mobile applications and constant network migration presents the need for better technology solutions. Our interactive voice recognition services act as an automated robot channelizing your services to the right people and hence resulting in a better customer service and improved response time.

Some of the offerings are as follows:

  • Cloud IVR platform
  • Cloud Conferencing solution
  • SMS Management Suit
  • Mobile Wallet Platform
  • Dynamic Voice Mail solution