DevOps has been the talk of the town since 2009 but not many businesses have been able to inculcate this practice into their expertise. DevOps ensures a high quality of delivery without hampering the existing operations. DevOps literally means ‘Development with Operations’. Today’s erratic business environment makes it imperative to have faster go to market without compromising on the quality of delivery. DevOps reduces lead time and ensures a faster time-to-market. It is a practice that has evolved from ‘Agile Methodology’ coupled with ‘Continuous Delivery’ where the need was to reduce strain on release management and prevent the hinderance of the ongoing operations.

DevOps is an approach to work that helps organisations to overcome adoption challenges by business users. We at Teknomics are constantly enhancing the improvement of our delivery and hence it became a necessity to adopt DevOps practices. We usually recommend that business with large projects and frequent deliveries adopt DevOps.