Hybrid mobile application provide best of both the worlds (Native + HTML5). Apps are written in such a way that they are web pages imbedded in a native container but they do not loose their property of being a mobile application. Hybrid applications have quicker time to market as these can be easily customised for all types of mobile hardware. Like the websites on the internet, hybrid mobile apps are built with a combination of web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Our expert developers uses the advance platforms like Sencha and phone gape to ensure that the app does not sacrifices the cool native capabilities. This means that the apps would be able to access device capabilities such as Camera, Accelerometer, contact etc. which are often restricted on Browser. A well made Hybrid mobile application would look or behave no differently than its native equivalent.

Why choose Hybrid App development

  • Low Development cost

  • Faster go to market

  • Easy of Integration

  • Better UI and UX

  • Simplified Maintenance