Online automated assessment and consultancy for Students seeking to study abroad.


Web solution for students keen to study abroad.

IvyOpp provides assessment and consultation to students basis which best options can be provided to them.

IvyO conducts an online exam which consists of qualitative and quantitative questions and also collects student scores from High School, English Exam and External test Such as SATS and ACT. The platform allows backend Admin to set an algorithm collectively on student’s answers and their academic scores. The system generates an online report automatically by placing overarching paragraphs set for the scores.


  • Frontend : React JS
  • Backend : PHP / Laravel
  • Database : MySQL
  • Environment : AWS
About the customer:

IvyOpp is our client based out of Australia that works on the education domain. They wanted a platform to manage and create an online automatics assessment for students seeking to study abroad. A large number of students from China seek to study in Australian universities. IvyO is the perfect solution for them.

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