Marine Vessel Traffic management (IOT)

Ship traffic management was automated for this barrage in Malaysia with integration of more than 19 sensors and IOT devices


Live monitoring of Vessel speed and Environmental Data

Vessel traffic management software allowed officer at the barrage to monitor the vessel and the environment and manage traffic entering and exiting the barrage

Automatic alarm system (Flash light and hooter) were triggered if the incoming vessel speed were beyond the set limits. The limit for speed and Environment monitoring such as Wind speed, Tide height etc can be set by the officer admin. The outdoor display automatically flashes No Entry sign on the opposite side if a vessel is coming from upstream and vice-versa. The outdoor display also displays Vessel speed and its distance from port to the vessel. All this was achieved by integrating more than 19 IOT sensors to the system.


  • Frontend : Angular 5
  • Backend : SpringBoot Java
  • Database : PostgreSQL
  • Environment : On-prim server
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Founded in 1976, Jason Marine started off as a sole-proprietorship providing repair services for marine electronics equipment on board vessels. Since then, the Company has transformed into a leading provider of integrated solutions of communication, navigation and automation systems for the marine and offshore oil & gas industries.

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