RedBack Blast Dialout Application

This solution not only improves the way organisations connect but handles emergency services as well.


The system dials out to the attendees in an instant.

RedBack Blast dial out is a service that allows user to dial out to masses just by uploading a spreadsheet.

Also it saves Blast Dial Out lists for future calls and record all calls. The service is used by one of the Airlines ground staff in emergency situation.


  • Frontend : Angular
  • Backend : .NET MVC 5
  • Database : MS-SQL Server
  • Environment : In-house
About the customer:

Redback’s vision is to make connecting remotely as simple, secure and seamless as a face-to-face conversation. They provide innovative communications and collaboration services for the changing modern workplace, backed by values of customer-centricity, executional excellence and accountability. They provide services for Webinar, Webcast, Live Event or Podcast.

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