Digitizing Education post Covid

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Digitizing Education post Covid

  • Uday
  • Jul 25, 2020
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We are in a phase of radical development where technology is taking over every niche and corner. Technology knows no bounds. During this phase the education system is evolving for the sake of betterment, as this generation's students are not born to be confined by the limits of simple learning. curiosity of students is vast and rapidly increasing beyond currently designed educational systems.

Digitizing education has been an imperative keeping in mind the affordability, accessibility, inclusiveness of the large trainable youth population. We are in the era where unprecedented ideas are unfolding in our education industry and creating advancement. The “New Normal” has made it mandatory to adept Digitized education from online classes to exams. Post Corona virus outbreak and it’s inescapable consequences education of millions of students came under jeopardy.

This is the reason we are continuously digitizing our education system. By converting the whole of the educational system to digitization, the use of various techniques like online courses, online exams, digital textbooks, quizzes, and e-notes are improving the quality of education for the students. 

Digitization is not just a word 

Digitization is the integration of digital technologies into everyday life “. 

Digital learning and education are as important as formal education has been up to now, however there is a much larger amount of information available through digital learning. Education sector is witnessing the increased use of technology such as Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality in day-to-day practices related to the education sector.

There are various techniques by which education is being digitized.

Digital Books: e-textbooks and e-texts, digital textbooks provide an interactive interface in which the students have access to multimedia content such as videos, interactive presentations which makes learning interactive.

Online Courses: Searching for a comprehensive course to build or upgrade new skills, but scarcity of time does not allow you to do so? Many online courses are developed by experts with a self paced environment on convenient timing. You can experience real-time learning by Online courses.

Online Classes: Online classes are need of the hour,they were prevalent before as well but post Covid-19 outbreak its new normal for students and teachers to meet online. Few popular online classes platform are  Google classes, Newrow Smart , Vedamo , BigBlueButton. Because Education is a right and no virus can stop it. 

Online Assessments: A Complete System to help you conduct exams remotely. Since it's an era of virtual classes, so are the assessments. Digitizing assessment process is cumbersome and important in order to evaluate the understanding of students. Online assessments are new examination halls that are managed virtually. 

Automated Consultation: Process where consultation to students is provided  based on which best options can be provided to them. It could be related to further studies or career. 

No doubt digitization has changed our education system, but diminishing the value of our old time classroom learning is out of talk. Digitizing education is a combined aspect of both classroom and online learning. Hence it is proven boon to our society during these uncertain times.

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